Vanilla Life

Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

vanillaVanilla works for me just fine, thanks. The world has plenty of the “something else” flavors—all very interesting and valuable, of course–but how many of them are true flavors?  Blue Almond Cranberry Chamomile?  Autumn Scotch Potato Patch?  Give me a break.  My palate’s not so sophisticated. Nor am I willing to let any old cosmopolitan high-flyer do violence to my taste buds just because they’re original, they’re “NEW.”

The best flavor is the one that isn’t all about itself. It’s the flavor that favors all others. It’s relational, not stand-alone, not “Hey, look at me! I’m special all by myself.”  Yes, all by yourself.

How many children want their dad to be Cool Peppercorn Ranch? They can’t even pronounce it never mind conceive it. How about just Dad? Plain old vanilla dad. It’s subtle. It’s reliable. It’s versatile: It can be used as a topping for peach cobbler, chocolate cake, and cherry pie or can be topped with sprinkles, nuts, black raspberry syrup and bananas.

When required, vanilla has the capacity to be more. It’s the home in the country when when you’ve tasted the world and want something simple, true and faithful. The vanilla life’s for me.

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